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Commercial EV Charging

Helping your workforce go green

During the next few years, the proportion of electric vehicles on our roads is likely to increase dramatically, making workplace charging points a necessity rather than a perk. Now is the perfect time to install commercial EV charging points for your employees, visitors, or fleet of vehicles, as there are so many grants available for businesses investing in green technology, such as the Workplace Charging Scheme.

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Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important selling point for any business. Furthermore, clients and visitors to your premises are increasingly likely to need an EV charging point for their vehicle, especially if they have travelled a long way to see you. Installing commercial EV charging points will set your business apart as being one of the local frontrunners for environmental responsibility.


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Installing EV chargers at work

We can install commercial EV charging points for your business, as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. During our site visit, we will assess the best way to go about the installation process, and the most cost-effective charging points for your company. Providing EV charging allows you to be a champion of sustainability, and allows you and your employees to cut costs on fuel in the long term.

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Workplace charging schemes

There are a range of grants available to businesses installing commercial EV charging in their premises. The most popular of these is the Workplace Charging Scheme, which covers up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs, up to 40 sockets. We can guide you through the range of grant options available to you, which will enable you to install your charging points very cost-effectively.

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Futureproofing your business

Over the next decade, electric vehicles are likely to form the majority of the cars on our roads. By installing charging points now, a business can take advantage of the many grants available, and futureproof their business premises for years, if not decades, to come.






Commercial EV Charging Installations

Every business is different and so are your charging needs. Contact us and we will perform a full site survey with a quote for the recommended commercial EV charging installation.

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